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© Ivan Cuevas-Sánchez
(Don’t abandon them, because they might come out and scare you)
There are so many things that your favorite candidate would not confess you.
Love and power are words that mutually exclude one to each other.
Warning: these story ridiculizes serious situations……and takes seriously ridiculous situations”.


A full moon is lighting the landscape. A peasant’s very humble house, and next to it there is a barn. Two dogs are lying at the entrance of the house. One is “Pirate” and the other is “The Colonel”
JACINTO is having coffee in a traditional mug. CARMELA is refilling his mug. Both are between 35 and 27 y. o.
CARMELA:  Well, gotta tell you that Laureano’s son and Bernardo’s son …. (SHE BARELY SMILES)…. fucking kids!
JACINTO:  No way, those kids doing dirty things? And fucking in the river? Nah, Nah.
CARMELA:  Sure they were nude! They were caught doing that thing….
Carmela doesn‘t know how to continue and drinks coffee.
NABOR’S kid bedROOM.
NABOR KID, 8 or 9 y.o. he‘s awoken by Jacinto’s and Carmela‘s conversation. They talk softly. Jacinto gets up and stands at the curtain that divides the rooms. His parents are talking about something that recently happened in the village.
CARMELA: The priest talked with them but they were giggling all the time. The priest said the bishop will come to exorcize them or kinda …
JACINTO: Those fucking perverts won’t be cured, I’m sure…
CARMELA: If they don’t the father said they’ll go directly to a madhouse. This illness is like an epidemic and the village must be safe. We’ve to keep an eye on our Nabor
JACINTO: No, no! My son is a real male (KIDDING) and if he’s a fag I’ll cut his dick, so he can be a real girl.
CARMELA: Shut up your big mouth!
Little Nabor is scared of what he has heard. His hands are covering his crotch, like protecting himself of being castrated.
Nabor is coming back from school. His books are tied with a belt and he carries them on his shoulder. Suddenly he hears a noise. He stops in the middle of the yard and stares at some bushes. He’s astonished of what he sees and starts shouting at his parents
NABOR BOY: Dad, Mom!
His parents, who were inside the house, get outside right away. Jacinto is carrying a rifle.
CARMELA: What’s wrong kid?
Nabor points out the place he‘s looking at, while he’s murmuring something.
NABOR: Look! Pirate and the Colonel are doing those dirty things…
The parents realize what he means and are surprised. The dogs are trying to have an intercourse; they try to mount one over the other. Jacinto, very angry, is ready to fire.
CARMELA: C’mon Jacinto, don’t shoot them, just scare them!
JACINTO: Shit not! Those dirty fucking beasts must die!
Jacinto right away shoots his rifle. Afterwards the howls of the dogs are heard. Carmela goes to the barn immediately. Nabor is in shock and Jacinto aims his weapon to him.
JACINTO: And this is to you asshole! Or, do you think I don’t know that you are a fag?
Nabor is astonished at what Jacinto is saying and is ready to shoot. Then a strong resound of the shooting is heard.
NABOR ADULT wakes up, horrified, sweating.
NABOR: No dad, don’t!
Nabor (attractive young man, about 35 or 45 y.o.) realizes that it was just a bad dream. He is standing in his room, formally dressed to attend a very elegant dinner; his jacket is on the bed.
VANESA OFF: Hurry up honey! The Pancardo's will be here soon!
NABOR: I’m coming, I’m coming (EXCUSING HIMSELF) I’m almost ready
Over Nabor’s FACE, an intertitle falls down, as if it were a guillotine that says: “SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET”.
intertitle.- “THE PARTY”
The living room is in a very luxury residence. Everything is ready to offer an elegant dinner. (The table is set for 5 places and a small bell is ready to call the servants). From the kitchen Vanesa is coming. She’s about 32 y. o. She’s wearing a very elegant night dress and she looks proud of herself.
In one corner on a shelf there is a cordless answering machine phone and next to it there is a stereo with its remote control. Behind the principal chair, on the wall, there is a painting of “Martyred de Saint Sebastian”. Vanesa rushes to open the door to Mr. and Mrs. Pancardo, who are a couple in their 50’s or 60’s. Both women greet with a kiss on their cheeks, very snobbishly. Mr. Pancardo hangs his hat on the hat stand.
VANESA: (SHOWING SURPRISE) Oh, hello! Nice to see you, come in. Nabor will be here in a moment
MRS. PANCARDO: Sweetheart, how nice to see you again!
MR. PANCARDO: Good evening Vanesa. Thank you for inviting us to this special dinner
VANESA: Well, we’re celebrating the election of my husband as a Congressman (EVERYBODY LAUGHS).
Nabor joins the group and greets everybody. He looks very elegant with his outfit, his ROLEX, and his fine handcuffs.
NABOR: Good evening, welcome, my house is your house.
Nabor and Mr. Pancardo greet each other with a big hug. Then he takes Mrs. Pancardo’s hand and kisses it.
VANESA: Shall we have supper now? The meal is ready and delicious I promise.
All of them take a seat and Rosa, the maid, serves the wine and leaves the place
MRS. PANCARDO: Oh, dear, there is an empty place; shall we wait for somebody else?
NABOR: Oh. Yes, it’s for my assistant, Mr. Alvarez.
The doorbell rings and Rosa who‘s coming from the kitchen, opens the door.
NABOR: That must be him
Nabor stands up and goes to meet the other guest. Alter opening the door, Rosa goes to the kitchen. It is JULIAN, a 28 y. o. very attractive and well built man with introvert personality.
JULIAN: Good evening everybody!
NABOR: Well, finally you are here my friend!
Julian and Nabor greet each other with a very warm hug and stare at each other deeply.
NABOR: Well Julian, please take a seat and let’s dine
They go to the table, Nabor holds Julian by his arm.  Vanesa calls in a loud voice to the maid.
VANESA: Rosa, please… serve the biscuits
Julian takes a seat next to the answering machine, and then is Nabor, next to him is Vanesa. Rosa comes with the biscuits that are nicely placed on a tray. She puts the tray in the center of the table and leaves to the kitchen. Everybody starts serving themselves
VANESA: Oh, my God! The servants are getting worse each day.
MRS. PANCARDO: Let me tell you that it’s not only that they aren’t good enough; the worst is that there aren’t honest maids anymore, as in the old days.
MR. PANCARDO: Besides of being dishonest and inefficient they are sloppy and stupid!
MRS. PANCARDO: Homero, decency is important no matter if they are maids, it’s necessary that they have good principles Nowadays, it’s so easy for them to become pregnant, have sex with anybody who approaches them, the butcher, the gardener, the plumber or any man they met and later they are abandoned. I have heard so many stories….
NABOR: No offense Mrs. Pancardo, but I agree with your husband. Here the point is that they work efficiently and their private lives are another story.
But Nabor, there are principles, which at least to me, are as important as the skills they may have to carry out their work. I don’t care if they are maids or educated people. (TR)…but I’d like to know Julian‘s opinion (SHE LOOKS AT HIM), who’s been so quiet.
Everybody looks at Julian waiting for his opinion. Nabor and Vanesa look tense
JULIAN: Well, I’m not prepared to give an opinion about that, first of all because I don‘t have any servant, I don’t need it. I’m single and I can do everything by myself.
MRS. PANCARDO: How come such a handsome man like you isn’t married yet?
NABOR: Well, he isn’t married, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a girlfriend
JULIAN: (PROUDLY) Certainly Mrs. Pancardo! I don’t have a girlfriend and at this moment I’m not interested in having one.
Vanesa tries to excuse Julian’s attitude
VANESA: Ehem, we’re helping him to find one, so he can have a family with beautiful kids and be happy forever.
MRS. PANCARDO: By the way sweetheart, aren’t you planning on having kids?
Vanesa and Nabor look surprised with such question. Julian who is eating a biscuit starts coughing. Then silence comes.
MR. PANCARDO: (TO HIS WIFE) But my dear, we’re here to celebrate Nabor’s reelection, not to find out about their lives. It’s none of our business.
MRS. PANCARDO: Oh, I’m sorry, but it would be such a wonderful family if they’d had children
MR. PANCARDO: We’d better celebrate Nabor’s election with a toast. To you Nabor Restrepo, 15th District, Government Representative!
EVERYBODY: Cheers! Cheers!
Everybody is holding their glasses while toasting.
OUTSIDE joaquin’s HOUSE.
The house has two levels and is in suburbia
joaquin’s house. dinning ROOM.
Sitting at the table and eating is a Latino family. - GENARO, 18 y. o. with barely curly long hair up to the shoulders, then CLARA, 38 y. o. and her husband JOAQUIN, 39 y. o. and their children IVONNE, 16 y. o. who’s wearing dental braces, and CARLOS, 14 y. o.
CLARA: Have you noticed something different in Ivonne, Genaro?
GENARO: No, what?
CLARA: Come on! Look at her!
Genaro shakes his head negatively because he hasn’t noticed anything, so Clara very frustrated finally tells him what’s new on her daughter.
CLARA: Look! It’s her dental braces. Ivonne, open your mouth!
IVONNE: I‘m eating, I can’t open my mouth now!
Clara goes directly to her daughter and holding her head makes Ivonne open her mouth to show her braces. Ivonne gets annoyed at her mother.
CLARA: See Genaro? Aren’t they great?
Genaro looks at her showing annoyance. Clara stops holding her daughter’s head
CLARA: (TO GENARO) and guess what, dear? Your cousin needs a new pair of shoes, but he’s already seen the ones he’d like to get, right Carlitos? So now that your uncle is jobless, Ehem… and you…
Genaro knows exactly what those comments mean, so with calm he answers.
GENARO: He’s been jobless since I first came here
CLARA: (SHOWING ANNOYANCE) what do you mean?
Clara’s husband ignores the conversation and he continues eating, and the cousins, too.
GENARO: I mean that you have to deal with your own problems and I’m leaving this house, I can live by myself.
Everybody freezes when listening at Genaro‘s decision and stop eating
CLARA: C’mon dear, you must be kidding. You are part of this family
Genaro stares at her firmly and continues eating in silent.
CLARA: (TO HER HUSBAND) Oh. Honey, tell him something….
JOAQUIN: (IN A SCORNFUL WAY) what’s up? Aren’t you feeling well here?
GENARO: Sure not! My mother died and wanted me to live here with you so that I have a family. She left some money for my studies, but the only thing you’ve done is asking for money for yourselves and I’ve got to get a job to keep that fund. You just want my money.
Genaro stops eating.
CLARA: (WITH HIPOCRISY) But Genaro sweetheart, you know that we have to pay the house expenses, the school of the children, their clothes, and the rent of the house.
GENARO: Yeah, I know, but I don’t have to pay everything, so I think it’s time for me to leave. I recommend you to move to a cheaper place. So good bye!
CLARA: (OUT OF HER MIND) Listen! Everything would be fine if you gave us the keys of the house that your mother left you, we could all live there without paying any rent, and to have more money you could also sell it and buy a cheaper one.
GENARO: (IN A LOUD VOICE) No way! That’s my mum’s house and it’ll remain like that until.
Joaquin interrupts with a sarcastic expression.
JOAQUIN: Until you have a family? Really? (GENARO KEEPS SILENT FOR A MOMENT), do you really think you’ll have a family?
Clara doesn’t get the meaning of the comment and keeps arguing with Joaquin
CLARA: Well. If you’re leaving now, you’ll have to pay this month expenses
GENARO: No way! Are you nuts? I won’t! I’m not so stupid!
Genaro gets up and goes to the stairs
CLARA: My sister left you everything, you bastard!
Genaro is going upstairs and for a moment he stands still, then he continues to his room. Clara is very mad and keeps arguing with her husband
CLARA: Joaquin! Why don’t you say anything? Why don’t you have a fucking job?
There is silence.
CARLITOS: Mom, isn‘t Genaro gonna buy my shoes?
Clara, Joaquin and Ivonne look at him in silent
Julian is watching how Nabor and Vanesa are saying good bye to the PANCARDO’S
NABOR: Thank you very much for coming tonight
VANESA: See you soon and thank you for coming.
Vanesa closes the door and sighs relieved. (Mr. Pancardo has forgotten his hat, but nobody notices it).
VANESA: Well I think everything was fine
NABOR: Thanks to our excellent hostess, right darling?
Nabor kisses Vanesa’s cheek.
VANESA: Thank you dear, I’m going to the kitchen, I need a drink. Would you like one?
NABOR: No honey, not now, thanks
Vanesa leaves the place. Nabor and Julian walk to the living room.
NABOR: I was afraid you were going to slap on Mrs. Pancardo’s face
Nabor gets closer to Julian, embraces him and starts kissing his neck. Julian kisses him back on his lips.
JULIAN: I was just about to do it. She’s stupid but sometimes she’s interesting.
NABOR: You see? It’s important that everybody expresses with freedom
JULIAN: And that’s for us, as well, isn’t it?
Julian and Nabor kiss each other with passion. Nabor takes off his jacket, puts it on the sofa and takes a seat.
NABOR: I’m getting hot…and you?
JULIAN: Only a bit. It must be Mrs. Pancardo’s poisonous vibration that still is in here.
Julian takes off his jacket and shows a t-shirt with a gay’s logo (the Rainbow Flag). Nabor is amazed.
NABOR: Fuck! How come you’re wearing that t-shirt beneath your jacket!
JULIAN: Yeah, why not? It’s like going to church without underwear. It’s so exciting to do what is forbidden. I really enjoy it!
Julian comes closer to Nabor and down next to him
NABOR: At least you didn’t dare to take off your jacket during the dinner, because if our guests would’ve seen you….
JULIAN: I never had that idea in my mind and I’m almost sure they don’t know the logo.
NABOR: Be careful, Mrs. Pancardo seems to be innocent, but she isn’t, she’s tricky.
Nabor kisses Julian on his lips. Vanesa is coming in with a glass of cognac
VANESA: Well, I see that I interrupted a romantic scene, sorry!
Julian is concentrated in unfastening the buttons of Nabor’s shirt
NABOR: Its OK honey, would you like to join us to the celebration of my new position?
VANESA: Thanks dear, but I’d rather go to bed I’m dead tired
She’s ready to leave the place when the doorbell rings. All of them freeze, wondering who could be at the door. Vanesa sees Mr. Pancardo’s hat on the hat stand and concludes that it must be him. The maid is coming from the kitchen to open the door but Vanesa stops her and sends her back to the kitchen.
VANESA: It’s OK Rosa, I’ll open the door. (TO NABOR AND JULIAN)Hey you two, do something, move around!
Nabor arranges his shirt and Julian hides behind the door just when Vanesa is opening it.
MR. PANCARDO: Guess what Vanesa? The Alzheimer is attacking me again, and I….
MRS. PANCARDO: Oh, I’m sorry but Homer forgot his hat. Sorry to bother you
NABOR: (VERY POLITELY) Oh, don’t worry!
Vanesa takes Mr. Pancardo’s hat from the hat stand and hands it to him
VANESA: Here you are Mr. Pancardo
MR. PANCARDO: Oh, thanks a lot, and now arivederchi!
The couple leaves the place. Vanesa with a relieved expression closes the door. The three look at each other but nobody says a word.
It is a modest house, in a row houses neighborhood. A taxi stops just in front of the house. Genaro gets off the car and he‘s carrying a suitcase; and for a moment, stares at the house.
martina’s house. LIVING ROOM.
There is only a big table and 4 chairs. The place looks abandoned. The door opens and Genaro comes in holding his suitcase. He puts the suitcase on the floor and feels the loneliness of the place. He looks at the furniture. Suddenly a memory comes to him and he lives it again.
LIVING ROOM. NIGHT x (flashback)
Genaro is watching at himself and at his mother MARTINA, (woman near 45 y.o.) who’s sitting at the table with her eyes closed.
On the table there are two plates with corresponding forks and knives. In the middle of the table there is a vase with white roses and next to it there is a camera. Genaro (2 years younger, with shorter hair) comes in and holds a chocolate cake on his hands and in the middle of it there is a candle with a shape of a question mark. Genaro sings “Happy Birthday”.
Martina is surprised and happy. Genaro puts the cake on the table.
MARTINA: (HAPPILY SMILING) oh my son, thank you very much, but you shouldn’t bother
GENARO: Happy birthday mom! And why I shouldn’t bother? It’s my pleasure, you know
MARTINA: It was a good idea not to put all the candles of my age on it, just imagine how many!
Genaro smiles and gives his mother a big hug.
Both Martina and Genaro keep embraced and laugh happily. Suddenly Martina stands speechless, she‘s to burst into tears, but Genaro notices it.
GENARO: C’mon, c’mon mummy, let’s cut the cake
Genaro gives the knife to his mother.
MARTINA: It’s a big cake; I don’t think we both will be able to finish it
They both laugh again and lean their heads one on each other. Martina serves a slice of cake on a plate and hands it to Genaro and then she proceeds to serve herself and they both sit at the table.
GENARO: Would you like a soda?
While Genaro is serving a glass of soda, Martina keeps looking at the cake and at the flowers and starts weeping in silent. Her hands cover her face. Genaro notices it and she turns her head to the opposite side where Genaro is, but he faces her and very tenderly talks to her.
GENARO: Why are you crying?
MARTINA: If only your father were here, things would be different
GENARO: I don’t need a father, he never cared about us, and it’s useless to cry for him. You mean everything to me and I love you.
MARTINA: But, but…
GENARO: End of the story mother! Let’s enjoy the cake that is delicious, OK?
Genaro kisses her mother’s tears and wipes her face with his hand. Then he takes the camera that is on the table.
GENARO: Well, let’s take a picture of ourselves. And please smile. You know mother my life won’t be hard with you at my side.
Genaro kisses her mother’s forehead and both smile at each other. He sits next to his mother and mischievously takes with his fingers some sweet cream that covers the cake and puts it on her mother’s cheek. With his other hand he takes the camera, stretches his arm holding it and takes a photograph of the funny situation. Both of them laugh.
martina’s house. GENARO’S BEDROOM. NIGHT 1
Genaro is holding that photography of her mother’s birthday, which is in a frame. His eyes are wet and one tear falls over the photo. He places the frame on the NIGHT table and stares at it. He is sitting on the bed
GENARO: I must leave this place
Genaro gets up and leaves the photo on the bed.
There is music coming from the stereo, it’s a waltz.
On top of the stereo there are two glasses with wine leftovers. Genaro and Nabor dance embraced in silence; very gently they continue dancing but now looking at each other’s eyes.
JULIAN: Starting tomorrow I think we all will have a better future
NABOR: Well, at least we’ll be wearing gold ROLEX watches, and we’ll be able to go more often on vacation to San Francisco, Ibiza and or even Thailand.
JULIAN: (LAUGHING) it’s not what I mean man. Don’t you see? It’s time to carry on our plans
Nabor turns upset and stops dancing. Takes the remote control and turns the stereo off.
NABOR: You make me sick Julian! Open your eyes and face your reality!
JULIAN: Nabor you are in this moment in the right position, in the right time to start changing things that are inside. You are part of the system that makes laws for this country!
NABOR: Yes! But that doesn’t mean that I can do everything. Listen! I’ve just started to be part of the mayor leagues. From now on I must be very careful every time I talk to the press; they’re always on the lookout for something that may cause a scandal.
JULIAN: Slow down buddy, slow down! You’re not that important yet to consider that everything you say may have some repercussions, or what! What if you come out from the closet and state that you are homosexual? Do you really think that Wall Street will be affected?
NABOR: (UPSET) you don’t know how much you bother me with such fucking inadequate sweet comments.
JULIAN: I don’t like to be wishy-washy, you know?
NABOR: With such ridiculous pose you’ve got, we might be in problems. You must be careful and shut up your big mouth asshole!
JULIAN: (MAKING FUN) Humm, and what about when we are in the intimacy? Huh?
NABOR: (OUT OF HIS MIND) I really mean it, stupid! Fuck off!
NABOR: Please understand me. It’s essential in my position and my work to keep a good image, to be respectable.
JULIAN: Oh sure! Probably if you were an actor, a poet, an artist or a musician you could tell everybody that you are a homosexual, a fag, a gay, a sensitive man that is misunderstood, etc. etc.
NABOR: Stop it, stop it! And don’t say that you aren’t wishy-washy, because frankly you also have your “little secrets”, (WITH SOFT VOICE), my dear lawyer.
Julian turns his head down, showing some embarrassment.
NABOR: Oh, no! Don’t you like to remember the lousy bar where you worked? And with my help you now have a better job. Sure, you have forgotten that the lawyer diploma I’ve got for you is as false as Santa Clause. True or false?
JULIAN: (SHOWING SORROW) you know that it was the only way to get some money to pay my studies. Why do you always act like that? You really enjoy making me feeling so guilty and that’s your way to stop me insisting on the law that will approve the marriage between homosexuals all over the country.
Now is Nabor the one who puts his head down.
NABOR: Look Julian, this isn’t the moment or place to discuss that point
JULIAN: For you it’s never the right time! You want to continue within the system pretending to be what is right for them. It’s so comfortable! You’re such a fake!
NABOR: I didn’t say I’m not going to do it…I only need time. The system won’t change from one day to another (TR. SOFTLY). Look, why don’t we stop this argument and have a nice time together, instead?
Nabor goes to Julian and tries to touch his hair, but Julian rejects him
NABOR: Julian, I’m very sorry darling, please forgive me.
JULIAN: Fuck off! This party is over, fuck off!
Julian goes to the door takes his jacket and puts it on. He leaves and slams the door.
NABOR: Please Julian, wait! Julian!
One of the glasses falls and breaks. Nabor keeps looking at the pieces of the glass, he looks thoughtful, pensive.
NABOR: (PROUDLY) you’re not the only one…
Nabor takes his jacket and puts it on and leaves the place.
Right after Vanesa comes in and she’s holding a glass of wine, she looks the pieces of glass on the floor and the door through which Nabor has left and smiles.
The music is played very loudly.
The dance floor is full of people dancing. A travesty disguised as “Fey” sings the song that is being played AZUCAR AMARGO
TRAVESTI FEY: (SINGS “Bitter Sugar”)
Everybody is dancing following the choreography of the music. Genaro, alone, is dancing in the center of the dance floor, he looks very happy. From the bar Nabor is observing Genaro who stares at him, smiles and dances more emphatically. Rudy, the barman, goes to Nabor and asks him. -
RUDY: Hello, how are you, sir?
NABOR: Hey dude? How’s it doing my favorite doctor-barman?
RUDY: Fine, just fine. It’s nice to see you again, after a long time
NABOR: Well, I’ve been very busy lately Rudy, so I had a break today and I came to see what’s new. I can see (LOOKING AT GENARO) you have new good material…
RUDY: That boy is coming very often recently, and he’s become very popular
NABOR: Yeah? And why? Is he that easy?
RUDY: Oh no, he‘s not, maybe that’s why everybody wants him.
NABOR: Really? Well I’d like to meet him, I love challenges. Let’s see if he’s really not that easy.
In that moment the song played comes to its end. Genaro wet in sweat comes to the bar
GENARO: Hey Rudy, give me a bottle of water.
NABOR: Hey boy, have a drink, I’ll pay for it.
Rudy puts a bottle of water on the bar and Genaro takes it. He rests his back on the bar.
GENARO: Sorry, I don’t drink and I won’t accept anything from strangers
Nabor smiles at Rudy in complicity, who responds with a look.
NABOR: My name’s Nabor Restrepo. Nice to meet you
Nabor extends his hand and Genaro shakes it
NABOR: Now I’m not a stranger anymore, so what’s your name?
GENARO: I’m Genaro….
NABOR: Genaro?
GENARO: Yeah, just Genaro… and do you really mean, “Nice to meet you?”
NABOR: Sure!
The music of the place is very loud.
Genaro invites Nabor to the dance floor
GENARO: Oh, really? So let’s dance!
NABOR: (BEWILDERED) No, wait! I don’t know how to dance!
GENARO: (SMILING) C’mon! It’s not a big deal, right Rudy?
RUDY: Sure! Show him the choreographies….
Genaro takes Nabor to the dance floor. Nabor enjoys the way Genaro is teaching him the choreographies. They dance separated.
The dining room is clean and everything is in its place. Julian coming from the street enters into the place. He looks calm.
JULIAN: Nabor! Nabor!
Julian is ready to go upstairs to the bedroom when Vanesa wearing a bathrobe, comes from the living room.
VANESA: He isn’t in!
JULIAN: (UPSET) What? He isn’t in?
VANESA: Yes, dear! Don’t you know that there‘s a reaction after an action? You left him, so he was free to go anywhere and do whatever he wants with who knows.
JULIAN: Fuck! Are you drunk?
VANESA: No, no way! Just a little dizzy. The occasion worth’s it.
JULIAN: If you say so…
VANESA: Then, what’s next? Are you gonna sit down and wait for him?
JULIAN: I came back to apologize, but….
Vanesa walks around Julian and whispers at his ear.
VANESA: Hey, do you want to know where he is? I can show you now!
JULIAN: Do you really know where he is?
VANESA: Well, I think I know. We’ve been living together so long that…
JULIAN: OK! So, get dressed and in the meantime I’ll prepare you a coffee
Vanesa smiles and goes upstairs to her bedroom. Julian, impatient, stays downstairs.
Everybody’s dancing. Rudy behind the bar is reading the scientific section of a newspaper. The title of the article is “IS THERE A GAY GEN?”
In the dance floor, Genaro and Nabor keep dancing staring at each other’s eyes.
RUDY: (OFF) Some scientists state that there is a gene that produces homosexual behavior; it is known as the gene “x-q-twenty eight”
While Rudy continues reading, Nabor and Genaro keep on dancing following a choreagraphy and they don’t stop looking at each other’s eyes.
Through Nabor’s right eye a journey is carried on to his brain. When approaching the neurons, the nerve centre appears and it goes up to the chromosomes, duly organized into 23 peers. One of the genes shines in phosphorescent pink in the dna chain, an arrow indicates “gene Xq28”. The journey continues along the nucleus to the nerve cell and from the cell it goes to the brain and the trip finishes but the exit is through Genaro’s left eye in which it’s seen Nabor dancing in front of him and smiling.
(CONT.) Nabor (a little tired) holds Genaro’s hand and takes him to the bar. Both continue looking at each other, flirting. Everything helps them to go into ecstasy, the music, the dance, the seat, the moment.
NABOR: Wow! It’s been a long time I hadn’t so much fun.
Not a big deal! Just come more often and I’ll show you more choreographies.
NABOR: You’ll “show me” only choreographies? Or…
GENARO: (SMILING) Now, yes! (DIRECTLY) or, do you want to sleep with me? If that’s so, you’re with the wrong guy. I’m looking for something else. We can be friends first and later we’ll see. Up to you.
Nabor looks surprised at Genaro’s reaction.
NABOR: Sure, that’s OK with me.
Nabor stares at Genaro without batting an eyelid. Nabor looks captivated by Genaro.
GENARO: Hey! What’s up? Why are you staring at me?
NABOR: These 3 hours (LOOKING AT HIS WATCH) have been the most beautiful ones I’ve ever had in recent weeks.
A silence follows and Genaro asks a question to Nabor
GENARO: So, what did you do before being here 3 hours ago?
Nabor seems to remember those moments and looks at Genaro tenderly.
NABOR: (HESITATING) Well…. my life was just black and white.
Genaro smiles but doesn’t catch the idea. Nabor’s ROLEX watch indicates the 12 o’clock at night.
GENARO: Does something worry you?
NABOR: What? Hum…. oh! It’s been so nice having so much fun tonight with you
Genaro’s forehead is covered by some of his hair and Nabor very sweetly takes it and accommodates it. They smile at each other and continue staring at each other’s eyes. Through the main entrance Vanesa and Julian are coming in and they immediately aim their sight at Nabor and Genaro. Julian turns jealous. Vanesa is sober.
VANESA: See what I told you? He’s here and he loves young boys
Julian goes straight to Nabor with the intention of an explanation but Vanesa stops him.
VANESA: Hold on! Don’t make a scene! Keep your head cool! It’s not the moment!
VANESA: Calm down, when Nabor gets what he wants, he’ll throw him away!
JULIAN: Yeah? And what am I supposed to do? To be an asshole? I’m going to kick their balls.
VANESA: Listen! If you make a scandal the police will come and then the reporters and we’ll end up in court. It isn’t convenient for a Government representative recently elected such situations, so just calm down
Julian reacts and stays calm
JULIAN: That dickhead will know, who I am…. fucker!
Vanesa takes him out of the place
VANESA: We’d better go and ignore everything we saw
Julian turns his head to where Nabor and Genaro are and leaves the place. They are so concentrated in each other that never saw Vanesa or Julian. Nabor is trying to kiss Genaro’s mouth but Genaro turns his head and he receives the kiss on his cheek. Both laugh.

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