domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017


Chapter 1: Fatal Coincidences
A 45 years old man, is walking toward the interior of the embassy; it´s a colonial building architecture, two floors. This very forgettable man is dressing occidental clothes and carrying a briefcase in his hand. He looked back, toward the person who let him in. That right hand with the little black crimped diamond that’s placed in the gate belongs to a woman.
Some black guys with worn clothes are dancing tribal rhythms coming from an old batteries radio. With them, a hat keeps some coins. Tourist with notoriously American look leaves some dollars in the hat. Famished dogs snoop into the trash left in the corners. The misery is notorious everywhere. Street vendors took the sidewalk like yours. The most of locals wear sandals and some others have Rastafarian or cornrows hair.
Later in the day, Timoteo 8 years old and Eleanor in her thirties, they came walking in the streets, apart. Eleanor has light complexion and dark hair. Timoteo have dark hair and Brown complexion. Both dress decently and their clothes contrast with other people. Eleanor pushes Timoteo gently.
-   Come on Timoteo! Your dad will be angry if we´re late.
Timoteo points the building:
-   Why he’s always working there?
Timmy and Eleanor stay in front of the colonial building with two floors.
-   Because he’s an important person – she answered.

Inside in the embassy, Edgar talks to the man with briefcase.
His attitude is kind. In this moment Cristina arrive with a tea service. Then she went in and closed the door. The lady shares similar features with Eleanor. Both dress elegant clothes, according to the 80’s first year’s bourgeoisie.
The terrorists open the briefcase. Many documents are inside; but on the inside cover is written in blood “Long live to insurgent movement”
The rebel´s reaction is pride. Edgar reacts confused and Cristina didn´t understand what happened, because she wasn’t seen inside the briefcase from her point of view.
The terrorist shouted the same phrase written inside of briefcase.
At the same time, while Timmy and Eleanor approach to the embassy. An office of the second floor, exploded.
Timmy’s ice cream fell to the floor. Timmy tried run to the embassy but Eleanor stopped him abruptly before being detained, Timmy cried anguish.
-   Daddy…!

Eleanor remained serious, containing Timmy with her hand, the same hand with the black diamond’s ring.

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